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Continuous heART

Art by Aimee Baca

Creativity comes from the heART~

I am inspired by the design of nature & the synchrony of life that takes shape around it. 
I share my heART with you~

About the Artist

As an artist and printmaker,  I use an etching press to impress my art onto wood. I am inspired by nature's continuous beauty - like that of a beehive - to share messages of harmony, unity, and abundance~

Background Story:

From the age of 17, I began my career as a street artist in downtown, San Diego - doing Henna body art along the Embarcadero. I traveled to Santa Cruz for college in 2011, where I thrived selling dreamcatchers on the sidewalk. Street artistry enabled my education. I was grateful to dedicate my whole heart into what I loved: The Art of Printmaking. I specialized in intaglio, screen-printing, lithography & relief printmaking. In 2015, I graduated from UCSC with a BA in Fine Arts & Art History.

And that where the story begins~

Art Gallery

Custom Artwork 

~Currently Accepting Commissions~

Speak to me about your vision of a custom art piece - created specially for you! By incorporating personalized ideas that you have in mind - such as aesthetics, symbolism, content, colors, scenery, and more - we can create an artwork that resonates with your heART & space! For more details and pricing, please get in touch using the contact form below, or email

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